August 13, 2014

5 hours STRAIGHT of tutoring!


I tutor a kid that looks like Thor would have as a five year old (sooo the cute factor is strong). His favorite thing to do on vacation was stopping at the gas station (???) and eating ice cream. 

Update: His father reports they ate at a restaurant called the Gas Lamp or something, that’s prooobably what he’s talking about. 

August 01, 2014

Off the Grid (alternate title: How I Finally Learned to Chill Out)

You guys. I’ve figured out this whole SUMMERS OFF thing, and it’s SO fabulous. 

Usually, August 1st is the worst—it feels like the clock is clicking down quickly until THE END (aka school starting), but this year July slid into August as soft and sweet as honey. 

I’ve come to realize that every summer before this has been hectic—last summer I moved, the summers before I worked and/or panicked about finding work. But this summer, I stumbled on the perfect combination of work and play—I tutor little dudes for 3 days a week in literacy, and every other day is free. This is awesome because it keeps my brain moving, it keeps my degree and experience current (certified K-12 reading specialist), and it’s loads of fun. Weekends and Mondays/Fridays are OFF off—meaning I don’t plan for tutoring, although I do let myself curriculum plan, etc for the year if I’m feeling it. Mostly, it’s been lots of travel, baking, hanging, reading, and relaxing.

My family has always encouraged work, all the time—even during my winter and spring breaks in college, I would work for my dad, so I never really took more than a week off.  I think I was worried that if I didn’t have a summer job, I’d be failing somehow, but I’m realizing this year just how important it is for me to take so much time to refresh myself. I’m already excited to go back to school and really looking forward to the year. 

TL;dr— I finally figured out that teachers REALLY need to take summers off and rest and relax, regardless of what anyone else says. 

July 28, 2014

Change is good

I just met with my new principal for this year, and I am having all. the. feelings. It was supposed to be more of a ‘get to know you’ meeting, but we ended up talking a LOT about our program for students with learning disabilities, and it left me feeling excited and scared and happy and just EVERYTHING. 

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